Patricia Sanborn

Health Gerontologist, Aging Life Care Manager and Health Advocate MS.MA

I have a lifelong passion for helping people optimize their emotional and physical health and thrive from making good lifestyle choices.

I started working as a health planner, designing cost-effective health plans for the State of California, corporations and communities. After decades of helping companies improve their employee’s health, I thought I knew all about care giving.

“I learned first hand how confusing, stressful, educational and rewarding caring for aging parents can be when my mother developed dementia.”

While caring for my aging mother, I discovered how hard it is to make long-term care decisions under great pressure. I also saw how balancing complex family dynamics, conflicting priorities, confusing medical instructions, health plan restrictions, and lack of clear information hampered my decision-making ability.

This led me to start Sage Solutions. I wanted to spare families the worry, frustration and emotional burdens that result from trying to navigate our bureaucratic and fragmented medical system on behalf of themselves or their loved ones. I knew I could help them achieve better health outcomes and quality of life as well as restore family harmony and unity.



  • Bachelors Degree, Physical Education, Fresno State University, 1976
  • Masters Degree, Health Science, San Jose State University, 1978
  • Masters Degree, Gerontology, San Francisco State University, 1999
  • RCFE Administrator License, California Department of Social Services, 2005
  • Trainer, MATTER OF BALANCE, Sonoma County Health Services, 2005
  • Certificate Spirituality and Aging, 2011
  • Certificate in Health Advocacy, UC Berkeley, 2014
  • Certificate in Stages of Change, Pro-change Behavior Systems, 2013
  • Wellness Inventory Certification, Well People, 2014

Professional Associations

  • Member, National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers
  • Member, Western Region Geriatric Care Managers
  • Member, National Care Planning Council
  • Former president, Sonoma County Section on Aging
  • Ambassador, Buck Institute