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We understand the courage it takes to look after an elder, and how difficult it is to feel sure that the multitude of decisions you need to make are the right ones. With Health Gerontologist Pat Sanborn at your side you will learn the skills you need to move from anxiety to confidence in your caring role with an elder.

Most of us do the best we can for our elders and we mange until there is a crisis. A crisis is costly, financially and emotionally for the whole family. With Sage Solutions on your team, you will be empowered in your caring role, to pave the way forward so that you can plan ahead and avoid the many pitfalls along the way. At Sage Solutions, we say it starts with a willingness to do the best you can with the skills you have and the open-mindedness to look at life as an elder advocate. We are here to help you succeed in your new role!

We help you move from anxiety to confidence as you care for your parent or spouse


Build a Solid Foundation Package

The Build a Solid Foundation package is our primary package. The first three sessions consist of meeting with the elder at their home / family session / health history session. This information creates the fourth session where Pat Sanborn shares with you the short and long term strategies to determine focused next steps. Pat’s involvement will provide peace of mind and a focused direction forward to peace and normalcy.

All sessions are overseen by Pat Sanborn, MS.MA.

  • Feel the relief of getting immediate issues addressed
  • Learn new skills to address current issues
  • Understand the short-term and long-term strategies

The Build a Solid Foundation Package will determine next steps forward. 



Next Steps Packages

Once you have determined your priorities of care through building a solid foundation, the following packages are designed to help your family member thrive and help you keep balance in your own life.  Each of the next steps packages are four sessions with Pat Sanborn.


Build a Care Plan Package

  • Outline the essentials of a care plan
  • Restore the spirit of family cooperation
  • Feel the support of a new team approach
  • Prevent medical confusion or a health crisis
  • Build confidence in your caring role for an elder



Build a Care Team Package

  • Create a broad-based team of professionals for long-term caring of an elder
  • Realize the joy of caring for an aging person and consider it a preview of ways to manage your own aging
  • Restore the familial relationship that brought you to caring for an elder
  • Celebrate success and have more time to thrive in your own life



Wellness Advocacy Package

We understand that medical management is the nuts and bolts of care management; we advocate for wellness using proprietary Sage Wellness Worksheets and the beauty of this service is that your elder’s medical condition will be overseen by Medical Advocate, Pat Sanborn. This service can include:

  • Attend doctors visits and advocates on elders behalf
  • Compliance occurs for referral for tests, appointments, and procedures
  • Wellness Worksheets customized to monitor ADL’s
  • Feedback to the physician regarding elder’s progress with medication changesand ADLs
  • Discharge from hospital addresses individual and family issues.
  • All follow-up instructions from medical and hospital visits are written into the Sage Wellness Worksheets to ensure compliance

To round out your care management plan, please review our adjunct services.

Patricia is a fabulous eldercare advocate & helped me and my family through a very challenging time last year. I would highly recommend Sage Solutions. Let Patricia calmly & expertly lead the way through the maze of healthcare issues & questions.
— Debra W. (adult child with elderly Mom)